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Cabinet Work

Whether wall hung, fitted or freestanding, the cabinet has a multitude of uses. Audio/visual units, shelving (open or closed), dressers, sideboards, desks, reception desks, general storage units and the like.

One of the most frequently requested pieces of cabinetwork is an audio/visual unit. The main call is for a low, more elegant, clean looking cabinets which accommodate all the paraphernalia associated with in-home entertainment.

You just have to mention “cable management” as an integral part of the design phase and peopleʼs eyes light up.

A good degree of skill and attention to detail is required to ensure all doors, drawers, etc, move freely and effortlessly within the smallest of tolerances.

The choice of hinge is important to ensure a lifetime of trouble free operation. From solid drawn brass hinges to the latest innovations in fully adjustable, concealed, clip on hinges with integrated soft close mechanism, we will advise on the most appropriate for your job
and your budget.

Like drawers, doors should have a positive, and pleasing feel as they close. They must sound as well as feel right so that on a sub conscious level, all is well.