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Display Units

Furniture designed for display purposes is all about the contents, the objects being displayed at their best. Though the cabinet plays more of a supporting role visually, technically the incorporation of lighting and glass creates its own unique challenges for the furniture maker.

Glass can be a big part in the construction of display units or vitrines. Here we use safety glass, unless otherwise specified, in the form of tempered or laminated glass. Not only does this offer greater degree of protection in the case of accidents but also adds another level of security to the articles on display.

We have on occasion used glass with a low iron content. This gives the glass greater clarity. Like regular glass it can be tempered, laminated and painted but it gives increased light transmission, and does not result in a green edge as seen with regular float glass, which can be a distraction.

The advent of LED lighting has been a boon to the world of displaying art, presentation and exhibition. Main advantages being low heat output in confined spaces, low operating costs, flexible and inconspicuous. We can also provide “hard wired” or “wireless” controlled, low voltage systems.

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