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Ecclesiastical Works

Many years of experience in this field have resulted in many exciting and successful projects. They usually require a more comprehensive consultation process as committees are involved!

Quite often as a bequest or part of a much bigger reordering programme we have designed, made or reproduced altar tables, lecterns, fonts, communion rails, pews, priest chairs, choir stalls, candle stands, aumbry doors and memorial book stands. All in a variety of forms and finishes for a variety of denominations.

In recent years there has been a move toward a more flexible use of space within the church buildings resulting in furnishings that are easily moved, offering different configurations for different occasions. Lightweight in their construction and sometimes set on castors which come in a wide range of options, from a choice of load bearing capacities, swivel or static, braked or un-braked to tyres best suited to the flooring in question.

Also advances in technology have enabled evermore sophisticated light and sound systems to be installed. Increasing the call for tailor made cabinets which themselves are not only mobile but secure.